Mulheres Kayapós na colheita de babaçu (female Kayapo collecting babaçu)

This film is made by a team of Indigenous researchers calling themselves ‘Kremkrem’ who were investigating fire knowledge and management in their Indigenous territory of Capoto-Jarina, Mato Grosso state, Brazil.

The majority of people in Capoto-Jarina are Kayapó, who self-identify as Mebengôkré, but other Indigenous groups, namely the Trumaí, Juruna, Panará and Tapayuna are also present. These communities are represented by the Instituto Raoni (, an Indigenous association created in 2001 to defend and develop the interests of the Kayapó, and strengthen the protection of their territory.

In this video, part of the Project Kremkrem funded by the Woodspring Trust, UK, the Indigenous researchers show how Kayapó women use fire to collect the babaçu (palm) fruits.

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